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Judge Oscar De La Fuente Elementary School

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2700 S Sam Houston, San Benito, TX 78586 Phone: (956) 361-6820 Fax: (956) 361-6828


District resources for all grade levels Pre-K - 12 and areas including Special Education, Fine Arts, Physical Education, Dyslexia, Bilingual/ESL, Counseling, and Library Resources. 
Thematic Unit - Week 1: April 6th - 10th
Thematic Unit - Week 2: April 13th - 17th
Thematic Unit - Week 3:  April 20th - 24th
Thematic Unit - Week 4: April 27th - May 1st
Student and Parent resources for community services. 
What is a School Counselor?

A school counselor is a type of helper in the school whose main goal is prevention. Counselors assist the school’s principals, teachers, and staff in providing a pleasant and safe environment where students can grow. Sometimes, non-academic issues can get in the way of a student’s learning and addressing these issues can help our students have a successful year!


How does a student meet with a counselor?

  • Parents/Guardians may request their child see the counselor
  • A staff member may refer a student to the counselor
  • The counselor may invite your child to talk
  • Your child may request to talk with the counselor

If a student meets with a school counselor, it does not mean he/she is in trouble! 

Types of services provided?

Guidance Curriculum- Our district will be implementing the Second Step curriculum for elementary to teach our children social and academic skills. This character education will focus on the following topics throughout the year:

  • Skills for Learning
  • Empathy
  • Emotion Management
  • Problem Solving

Providing guidance content to our students helps them build skills needed in everyday life to be successful socially and academically.


Responsive Services- As a school counselor I can assist students when an immediate issue arises. Issues can be school-related such as:

  • Tardiness
  • Absences
  • Noncompliance issues
  • Disruptive Behavior that may have underlying causes
  • Problems about grief/loss, family issues, stress, and/or bullying.


Individual Planning- I can meet with a student individually to monitor his/her own progress and set goals.


System Support- A school counselor works with parents/guardians, teachers/school staff, community members, and other individuals in a collaborative manner to provide quality services to our students.

Tod Abraham, M.Ed. 

Professional School Counselor

Contact information: 
Office Phone #
(956) 361-6820 EX 5054
Google Voice Phone #
(956) 398-3428